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Mercury Studios




Born in Kobe, Kazu Oba spent his early years in Japan. He moved to Colorado in the 90's and has called the Boulder area home ever since. He has continued to travel throughout the world for assistantships, workshops, and exhibitions. Kazu apprenticed under two masters, Jerry Wingren, a sculptor in stone and wood, then another master Takashi Nakazato, one of the world's most renowned potters in Karatsu, one of the ceramic centers of Japan. Kazu's pottery is dedicated to functional, everyday ware to be used in home. His background as a chef distinctly influences his work, as he maintains a constant focus on the relationship between his pots and the food that will occupy them.


17歳で単身渡米。コロラド大学在学中、幼少の頃夢憧れたものづくりの世界に飛び込む。共通の友人で、写真家のWilliam Corey氏の紹介で知り合った彫刻家Jerry Wingren氏のもとで4年間彫刻を学ぶ。その後アンダーソンランチアートセンターで出会った唐津焼の陶芸家、中里隆氏のもとで陶芸を学ぶ。2004年にアメリカに戻り、現在もコロラドを拠点に彫刻、陶芸の制作を行っている。両氏の影響もあり、うつわはさりげなくシンプルに、料理が主役となるような、また使いやすさを大事にした作品作りをしている。アメリカ、ヨーロッパ各地で過ごした経験からか異国を感じさせるのも大庭一仁の作品の特徴である。

Denver Life Magazine June 2018

Walker Fine Art May 2019

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Aug 2019





  • 2009   -   Hananokigama, Residency/Exhibition, Gifu, Japan

  • 2008   -   Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Residency/Exhibition, Snowmass Village, CO



  • 2003-2004   -   Takashi Nakazato, 13th generation potter, Karatsu, Japan

  • 1999-2003    -   Jerry Wingren, Renowned sculptor in stone, wood, and steel, Sweden



  • 2009 - Takashi Nakazato, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

  • 2007-2009 - Takashi Nakazato, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO

  • 2008 - Takashi Nakazato, International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark

  • 2006 - Jerry Wingren, Sweden

  • 2005- Present - Takashi Nakazato, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO

  • 2005 - Takashi Nakazato, Utah State University, Logan, UT



  • 2005-Present   -   Manager, Wingren Studios, Boulder, CO